Project and Change Management​
Often, we mistake technology for innovation. Technology is just a vehicle. Many of us may admire a new vehicle but don’t make the adjustments and changes that it requires.  Generally, people fear change. We get used to do things in a certain way, arrange our schedules around a routine--and if it works, we maintain the status-quo because it’s easier than keeping things as they are.

Project Management is a school of practice that helps organizations to control
spending and improve delivery of projects and initiatives. Professional project or portfolio management can help you reduce risks, cut costs and improve
success rates.
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The Calf Path by S.W Foss is a great poem on change management.

We offer comprehensive training, workshops or outsourcing

We have been delivering projects and implementing change management for many years and we are happy to share our experience. Our workshops are interactive, enjoyable, hands-on and educational. We like to share stories... life is full of them. Tell us your success stories what you have learned from your mistakes.

Here are a couple of ours:
Over Commitment...

At the time, we were a full outsource IT. Our role was to be the liaison between the vendor (us) and the Operations. We earned three years of excellent ratings in customer satisfaction surveys, and our relationship was transformed from vendor/client to trusted advisors and partners.

In one case the new software that had been released triggered some instances of data corruption. I had assembled a task force to address the problem. During debriefing we had noted that the root cause of the difficulty had been bad code that had not been thoroughly tested before production began.

As a result, the customer had required us to revisit our internal testing procedures. In the long run, this incident was resolved in a way that had verified that our client’s trust in us had been justified and that we had had no intention of covering up our failure.
Thinking out of the Box:

One of our customers wanted to adopt a software solution and defined it as wanting to stick to the product and minimize customizations. This assume that the product or service will grow on its own with each new product release and minimize the pain involved in growing the business. What occurred was that after nine weeks of gathering, information and nine months of hard work, they were still deciding whether to add additional requirements.

We had to run a corporate-wide campaign to engage stakeholders to reduce their demands and tie them to the program’s objectives. The out-of-the-box solution may have lacked some requirements and required stepping back for some teams, but in the larger view it added new infrastructure that resulted in huge business growth.
The program took three years to complete and after few bumps and hiccups provided the organization with important benefits and the service level they had projected.
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