About Us
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ZiPPiE [email protected], founded in 2009 by Belli & Peleg Forman, is a consulting firm that helps business owners and individuals maximize their personal, business and financial goals by working together with you, providing coaching, training, and leading change within organizations.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading consulting firm that focus on individual growth within one’s business or personal life.

Why Us

We work with you on your goals​

We follow the highest ethical standards in our practice and give everyone professional, honest, and transparent service. Our company culture is based on values and behaviors that we live by:
  • Professional diligence: We deliver our services based on experience and objective analysis
  • Thinking outside the box to create new opportunities for growth
  • Caring: We believe that every customer deserves excellent customer service
  • Ethics: We deliver honest and respectful service
  • Value Creation: Our service commitment is to add value beyond our customers’ expectations
  • Reputation: We deliver on our reputation for meeting our client’s needs
  • Affordable: We provide service that is on time, affordable, and meet budgetary requirements
  • Respect: Our customers are all unique and deserve customized, specific solutions to maximize their opportunities
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